Meet the Founder

Amber Walker received her biology degree from Purdue University and then spent two decades devoted to a career in pharmaceuticals and scientific education. During these years she witnessed a broad spectrum of health issues—along with an unsettling trend of ignoring the root causes of disease. After years of effort to connect her chosen career path with her passion for wellness, Amber became inspired to create a unique and meaningful path in her own life.

In 2012, Amber redirected her career to strike out on her own. She and her husband started an online educational business and a lifestyle brand/retail shop. The entrepreneurial spirit captured her heart and it wasn't long before Amber turned her attention back to her scientific roots in health and wellness. 

She reconnected with her passion for science—the same passion that led her to study biology and chemistry in the first place. On a whim she began learning about the chemistry of natural soap making and the artistry of formulating pure skincare with ingredients and scent that nourishes and uplifts body and soul. 

Nine Pines Apothecary is founded with a simple mission: to encourage people to engage with wellness, empowering them to take action in their own health. Amber hopes to inspire meaningful change through the experience of products made with wholesome ingredients that are good for the body, the senses, and the earth.

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