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How to properly sanitize your reusable containers:

Refill containers must be clean and dry. Our natural products are not preserved with parabens, phthalates, or any other potentially toxic substances. While some do contain a naturally derived preservative systems, these will only prevent yeast, mold or fungus from growing in the absence of contaminants like tap water, dust or old product residue. Water introduces the possibility of bacterial growth that can be reduced or avoided by using a sanitized and dry container.

We recommend sanitizing and drying your container between each refill.

Glass bottles and jars are the best choice for refill containers because they are non-porous and easy to sanitize. Many plastics can hold bacteria or mold and can be tricky to clean. Plastic #5 Polypropylene (PP) is considered to be the safest of all plastics. This is a robust plastic that is heat resistant and be cleaned at high temperatures. PP #5 is BPA-free and is unlikely to leach even when exposed to warm or hot water. This plastic is approved for use with food, beverage, and cosmetic storage.


  • Remove all prior residue from your container with hot water and soap or run through a dishwasher after removing all product residue.
  • Glass can be sanitized by placing in boiling water for 5 minutes. This is specifically recommended for leave-on skincare and face products.
  • For plastics, we recommend a final rinse of rubbing alcohol (70%) or 120 proof (60% alcohol) everclear which helps evaporate any excess water remaining. You can also use the Hand Sanitizer we sell in our shop for that last rinse as well.
  • Be sure your containers are completely dry before bringing them in to be filled.


  • Clear pumps and tops of all residue.
  • Rinse with 60% alcohol. For pumps, flush all product by pumping hot soap and water through until all product residue is gone. Then pump 60% alcohol  (120 proof everclear or our sanitizer) through for at least 10 pumps. 

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