The Refillery at Nine Pines

A selection of our products are available for refill in-store at our Village at Winona location in Winona Lake, IN.

Current refill product information can be viewed on our refill page.


  • Bring your own clean and dry bottle or purchase one of ours to fill.
  • Important: When refilling a bottle, it is best to fill with the same product as before. If your container is dusty, has water or has product residue or product that is older than a year, sanitize and dry it before refilling to preserve the safety and life of your product. This is especially important for face and skincare products to prevent the growth of mold, yeast or fungus. Learn more about how to properly sanitize here.
  • Refills are sold by the ounce.
  • We can help you fill your container. Be sure to leave enough space for your pump/cap to be added.
  • Bring to the front and check out!

Close the Loop!

At Nine Pines, we know that recycling plastic actually comes with a host of dangers for the environment and workers. We do our best to lower the use of plastic. The large refill containers you see in our shop are part of a "closed loop" mission. This means that we reuse these containers over-and-over again, including sending the containers back to product makers to be sanitized and refilled.

Nine Pines is always looking for ways to reduce the use of plastic in our shop. Sometimes regulations and product safety/usability make it impossible to eliminate all plastics. We continually upgrade to safer options as they become available.

If you would like to learn more about the problems with recycling plastic, here are just a few links to discussions around the topic:

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